Formerly Eurotrade Bank
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Eurotrade Ltd., formerly Eurotrade Bank which was established in 1951, is an investment and finance firm engaged in originating and structuring investment opportunities for its principals and co-investors.

Focusing on Europe and the U.S.
The European and U.S. markets provide many diversified investment opportunities. The demographics are compelling, the financial markets are mature, and the political environment is stable.

Highly pro-active and results-driven.
The firm prefers investment opportunities in which it can have a controlling stake, partner with management, and assume a highly pro-active results-driven role mainly in the areas of strategic vision and sound financial structures.

Minimizing downside risk.
The firm maintains an unwavering discipline to minimize investment downside risk by conducting rigorous due-diligence reviews and negotiating protective operating covenants.

The firm is the lead investor.
The firm's investments are not co-mingled in a fund. Once an investment opportunity is identified and structured, the firm invites a pre-selected group of prospective individuals and institutional partners to review the proposed transaction and determine their interest in participating as co-investors.

Global investment opportunities.
Through the firm, the co-investors can gain access to internationally diversified investment opportunities that are seldom made available to them elsewhere.

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